Oyster Shell Powder Resin (OSR) is a natural and eco-friendly material used in the production of tableware with many advantages:


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Recyclable and Reusable:

Oyster shell powder resin is made from oyster shells, which are a waste resource. By processing and converting oyster shells, high-quality tableware can be produced. Using OSR tableware can effectively reduce the demand for traditional plastic tableware and the consumption of non-renewable resources like petroleum.

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Natural and Sustainable:

Oyster shell powder resin is a natural material that does not contain harmful chemicals or toxic substances. It will not release harmful substances into food, making it safer for human health. Additionally, using oyster shells, a waste product, to make tableware helps reduce waste generation and minimize environmental impact.


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OSR tableware is biodegradable and can be decomposed and degraded by microorganisms under appropriate conditions. In contrast, traditional plastic tableware can take decades or even centuries to decompose, causing long-term environmental impacts. Using OSR tableware helps reduce plastic pollution and damage to land and marine ecosystems.

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Strength and Durability:

OSR tableware has good strength and durability. They can withstand a certain degree of pressure and impact, and are not easily deformed or broken. This means that OSR tableware can be used for a long time, reducing the need for frequent replacement and the generation of waste.


In summary, OSR tableware has the advantages of recyclability, natural and sustainable materials, strength and durability, and biodegradability. They are an eco-friendly choice that helps reduce negative environmental impact while protecting human health.


Key features of OSR tableware:


  • Made from renewable and environmentally-friendly materials
  • Suitable for temperature range of -30°C to 180°C
  • Resistant to food stains (curry, tea, coffee, etc.)
  • Microwave-safe
  • Scratch-resistant, bleach-resistant, and non-toxic