HOI FAI Environmental Protection Group Limited was established in 2023, with the main business of researching and developing environmentally friendly tableware products. We have registered as a government Green Tableware supplier, and we are actively developing channels and promoting green products that meet international standards and meet the growing global demand for environmental protection.


Oyster Shell Resin (OSR) is HOI FAI's latest invented material, the main components come from natural oyster shells and natural resins, which can replace tableware made from melamine-formaldehyde resin (commonly known as melamine). OSR is a safe and non-toxic material that can be in direct contact with food, ensuring that the container can safely store food; and it can be directly heated in the microwave or steamer.


HOI FAI Environmental Protection Group Limited can customize green catering and disposable tableware products to meet customer needs. OEM inquiries and quotations are welcome.